Standing Out In A Saturated Market With Kamron Engler

ELLIJAY, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2020 / In the midst of many challenges and adversity, 22-year-old Kamron Engler has only focused on opportunity and taking massive action. With just two years in the Real Estate Industry, after dropping out of college and hitting the ground running, Kamron has scaled his business into well over six figures during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Kamron is a, young, energetic real estate agent located in the North Georgia Mountains with an astounding entrepreneurial spirit. He has quickly made ripples in the real estate industry while being part of one of the largest brokerages in the area during 2020, RE/MAX Town & Country. Now going into his third year, he has brought his wife Hannah Engler into the real estate world as of September 2020, who has also made swift in establishing a name for herself. Kamron has decided 2021 is the perfect time for growth creating his new team The Engler Group with Re/MAX Town & Country.

According to Occupational Employment Statistics (OES), With Georgia being ranked as the fourth most rich state, in terms of employed real estate agents, you can see this is not by accident or luck of the draw. Kamron has learned how to position himself as an authority in the industry through building a personal brand, as well as valuing lasting relationships, and it’s shown through the way he operates his own projects. In interviewing Kamron, we were able to solidify five necessary steps towards becoming an authority online, no matter what industry you are a part of.


The first step in building a scalable business comes down to having a crystal-clear vision that is true to yourself. Where do you want to be in a year, two years, five years and so on? What car do you drive? How do you speak? What is going to continue push you there when things get hard? Make the dream real by establishing what numbers are going to get you there, and you strengthen that dream by setting goals to get you there along the way.

Renew Your Mind

There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind. You can read all the books, take all the classes, courses, have all the leads. However, if you don’t truly believe it is possible you will never succeed in scaling the product, business or service to its full potential. Believe and know that it is possible.

Saturated Market Is Opportunistic

Understand a saturated market is not a bad thing. Think about it this way: the more competitors you have, the more validation there is for a demand from consumers for the product or service. Which in turn increases your chances of having your message reach a whole new audience. Plus, having competition also promotes growth, as you won’t ever be able to become complacent, a growing market is great for business.


One of the main foundation pillars in building a scalable business comes down to branding. What comes to peoples mind when they see you pop up on their social media. The colors, and the fonts used in your social content, website, marketing material, as well as how you dress and speak all play a vital role in the way you are perceived by your desired audience. But it doesn’t just end there. Even the tonality in which you speak, your body language, and the energy you give off, demonstrates your standards for your customers. One of Kamron’s main pillars is exactly that; understanding clients’ and creating brand that not only receives the right attention, but enables retention. This has helped himself as well has his wife Hannah differentiate themselves from their ample competition.

Where attention goes money flows, and with a quick look at Kamron Engler’s Facebook Page, or any of the marketing videos he has put together, you’ll quickly notice the amount of attention he amasses and how he has separated himself from the vast number of realtors in the area. It takes only 10 seconds for observers to create an opinion on a brand’s identity. In fact, take a look at yours right now. Are you confident that you can capture the amount of attention you need to in those 10 seconds or less? Find your niche and find a new way to stand out, aside from the outdated branding; which in the age of attention, is the first piece of the puzzle in creating traction in the marketplace. Make sure you invest into your brand and prioritize the foundation of your business. It’s more important now than ever.


Once you have established your brand, continue pushing your credibility. Attention spans are extremely short, especially today with so many advertisements everywhere we go. Credibility determines whether someone is going to spend time on your social media or not. When you purchase something online, you will read the reviews of others in similar situations to see what they’ve said about the product or services. Instant Credibility. Credibility is a key factor in building a brand & networking online. By prioritizing positioning & credibility Kamron has been able to scale at an unprecedented speed. He plans to continue this same system to grow his new team The Engler Group.

In summary, build a strong brand, position yourself as a credible authority, and double down on a proven system!

For more information on exactly how Kamron Engler has built his brand through this exact strategy, reach out via email below or contact him directly via Instagram or Facebook

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