MCO2 Saving the Planet by Tokenizing Carbon Credits

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL / ACCESSWIRE / December 29, 2020 / The team at Moss, the largest carbon platform globally, is proud to announce that their MCO2 Tokens are available for sale and are already listed on FlowBTC crypto exchange.

MOSS is an environmental platform that offers transactions involving carbon credits to individuals and businesses seeking to offset their emissions and anybody who wishes to hold carbon credits for compensation. The company states that the ultimate objective of carbon credits is their retirement for compensation. Tokenization enables users to compensate for carbon emissions more easily and in a broader range of circumstances.

In the short time since the company’s establishment in Q1 2020, Moss has become the largest player in the voluntary carbon credits market not only in Brazil but globally as well. The young market leader has already bought and sold over 900 thousand tons of CO2 (comparable market value in Europe of US$25 million) in just over 8 months. They have directed US$10 million in proceeds to Amazon Forest conservation projects and to the expansion of these projects to 300 thousand hectares (4 times the area of New York City). To date, this is the largest private contribution to Amazon conservation projects.

MCO2 is the largest carbon credit tokenization project in history. According to, since the token’s launch, MCO2 Token, with its current market capitalization of US$40 million, has already climbed to 190th position globally. The token has been audited by the most reputable companies on the market, such as Perkins Coie and CertiK, with Armanino and Ernst & Young still finalizing the results of their audits.

The tokenization of carbon credits via the issuance of MCO2 Tokens, which increases the security of carbon credit transactions and their trackability by further programming into blockchain an already digital asset, improves the possibility of composability of carbon credits.

The team believes that the MCO2 Token will also allow others in the marketplace to innovate and create new applications for carbon credits. For example, since they have designed MCO2 Token structure to be as simple and straightforward as possible, they feel that it can potentially become a “building block” in the token universe. The MCO2 Token will enable users to embed carbon offsetting in other tokens and smart contracts, build applications that allow consumers and small businesses to offset their activities and purchases, and create new applications not yet imagined.

Felipe Adaime, founder and CEO of MOSS, has this to say about their approach: “We believe in a market solution to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gases on global warming. An advanced carbon credit market contributes to sustainable development, and Brazil has the duty and the privilege to be the global natural leader in this sector.”

The MCO2 Token brings innovation to the markets and helps its participants innovate in usability for offsetting. The revolution that MOSS MCO2 Token brings is a revolution in markets and market structure – and it is also a revolution of utility, programmability, and composability.

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SOURCE: Moss.Earth

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