Hector Gonzalez Helping Coaches Experience True Freedom in Their Businesses

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / DECEMBER 14, 2020 / Online business has become lucrative for many people, most especially in the coaching and course creation sphere. But many business owners and virtual coaches struggle to balance both sustainability and time flexibility. Many online entrepreneurs spend anywhere between 40 to 70 hours a week working on their hustles. Marketing consultant and business coach Hector Gonzalez hopes to change that by introducing a revolutionary framework that helps automate businesses through subscription-based services.

“I noticed something while working as a consultant,” shares Hector. “Most coaches who created a full-time income for themselves, even six and seven figures, were still not ‘free.’ The freedom they were expecting was nonexistent. This lifestyle isn’t exactly the vision that these people were hoping for. Seeing this frustrated me.” The business guru met multiple business owners who were slaving away to keep their businesses profitable. Realizing that this wasn’t the true way to becoming successful, Hector Gonzalez sought to show entrepreneurs another way.

His journey began when he met Jana Williams, a successful photographer who earned six-digit revenue but was quickly burning out from overwork. Hector discovered that Jana had a subscription service for exclusive members that she wasn’t promoting at all. It didn’t seem all too promising to Jana since it was only a $20 a month offer. But with the help of Hector Gonzalez, the photographer turned the service into a $100,000 a year income generator. Moreover, the business extension only took up only 72 hours of its founder’s already precious and scarce time.

From that point on, Hector realized what his calling was: to help coaches and busy business owners experience true time and financial freedom by teaching them to create subscription-based services. Today, the business coach has trained over 500 hundred coaches and helped them make up to seven digits in income without overworking.

Today, Hector’s consultancy runs a twelve-month mentorship program called “Subscription Funnels Academy.” Through the program, Hector helps coaches and entrepreneurs create signature subscription offers that augment their income by $10,000 to $100,000 monthly by only working five hours every week. The program has skyrocketed in popularity and helped hundreds of burnt-out entrepreneurs create more sustainable income with less input and work. The program’s system also boasts a profit margin of 80% to 90%, making it a dream offer for business owners who want to experience more out of life.

Through his program, Hector Gonzalez has helped many business owners regain their lives by giving them time to pursue other interests, invest in relationships, or even travel the globe. For the business consultant, online entrepreneurship’s future depends on recurring low-impact high-output activities that add value to customers while also giving course creators leverage and true freedom. To the consultant and coach, his business is more than just a source of revenue. It’s a purpose-driven endeavor that seeks to give people the chance to live their lives to the full.

Hector has set his bar high in the coming years, aiming to train 10,000 coaches on his fully duplicatable system. He continues to spread his liberating message to all business owners that they do not have to choose between sustainability and profitability. Life doesn’t need to be a decision between time freedom or financial freedom. They can always choose to have both.

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