5 Things Hospitals Need to Know About Managing COVID-19 Vaccines From Wolters Kluwer

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Now that the FDA has approved two different COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use, Annie Lambert, PharmD, BCSCP, clinical program manager, Wolters Kluwer, Health advises that hospitals keep in mind the following five things when managing the vaccine doses:

  1. Expect systems to evolve:
    Surprise: extra doses! Empower pharmacy administrators to make changes to keep up with information changing daily
  2. Track everything digitally:

    Hardcopy or Excel temperature monitoring and storage management tracking is not enough. Cloud-based tools ensure access anywhere, increase visibility and automate vaccine management workflow
  3. Streamline & standardize compounding processes:

    Ensure standardized vaccine preparation and dilution, and control beyond-use dates to cut waste.
  4. Keep up competencies:
    Update and schedule custom competencies on vaccine storage, dispensing, and administration  
  5. Data, Data, Data:

    Report results effectively on compliance, completion volume, staff training, and quality

For additional information on how to manage COVID-19 vaccines visit here. To speak with Annie Lambert, please contact Ashley Beine.


Ashley Beine

Senior Public Relations and Public Affairs Specialist



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