Serial Entrepreneur Jesse Burrell Shares His Journey To Happiness & Success

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 4, 2020 / Jesse Burrell, also known as the “REI Data King” is a passionate real estate investor. With more than 10 years of experience and his Go Giver mentality the sky’s the limit for this REI guru. Burrell has successfully started two multimillion dollar companies from scratch. While this was not an easy journey for Burrell, he successfully pushed through and has clearly made a name for himself in REI. Burrell takes to his social media to inspire and help others with their pursuit to REI, he does this by providing his followers with tools on how they can become successful like him.

By harnessing the power of big data, Burrell has been able to help thousands of investors, wholesalers, and fix n’ flippers turn their real estate dreams into a reality. As Burrell himself puts it, “one of my driving passions in this business is helping to create other millionaires.” Through techniques like batch leads, Burrell has given real estates investors the tools they need to reach potential buyers and close lucrative deals.

The world of real estate investment has become incredibly competitive in recent years and investors have to use any tools at their disposal to differentiate themselves from the competition. For Burrell, this meant harnessing the power of data to track down home owners and target them effectively. By linking together big data with his skip tracing toolkit, Burrell has managed to speed up an essential process that initially took days or weeks to complete, opening up a world of possibility for real estate investors at all levels.

Burrell’s success came at a young age. “After graduating from Arizona State University, I moved straight into the world of Phoenix real estate,” Burrell recounts. “I soon flipped my 1,000th house in the area and by age 30 I had become a multi-millionaire.” Burrell is now a sought-after speaker at many REI events and even appeared on a recent episode of the Real Estate Disruptors podcast.

Burrell’s seemingly meteoric rise to success did not come easily. However, after graduating college, the young entrepreneur failed to launch multiple startups and struggled to attract investment to his business. In a competitive market such as the Phoenix sunbelt, flipping homes is tough work without the right connections and investors. In a world where connections are everything, it takes a certain type of grit to make it your own way.

Without early investors, Burrell had to start his business from scratch, getting by on hustle and determination alone. “When I started my first business,” he explains, “I had no access to capital. I was broke!” In order to get the company off of the ground, “I had to ‘bootstrap’ operations and work with no employees.” Without starting capital or a shot at attracting early investors, Burrell went about business the only way he knew how: try and try again until something sticks.

Having successfully forged two multimillion dollar companies from scratch, Burrell now hopes to share his expertise with the rest of the REI world through speaking engagements and regular updates to social media. Burrell’s Instagram is studded with tips and tricks to get ahead in the real estate game, even for those who are just starting out. Even in the time of COVID-19, the real estate guru has continued to spread his investment gospel through Zoom calls and online panels with other entrepreneurs.

When asked what makes him stand out in such a crowded industry, Burrell consistently points to his ability to lead innovation and take advantage of social media through strategic partnerships with real estate influencers. Sporting his typical “Data is King” shirt, Burrell is easy to spot, whether on the street or online. His ability to engage people on an emotional, as well as business level has allowed Burrell to take his business past a niche in real estate data to truly inspire and instigate change in the REI community.

With more than ten years experience as an entrepreneur, Burrell is no REI newcomer any longer. His expert status, however, has not stopped him from continuing to innovate and disrupt the real estate scene across America. “My ‘Go Giver’ mentality simply won’t let me pass up a new opportunity,” states Burrell. As markets begin to emerge from quarantine, the “REI Data King” is perfectly positioned to take his businesses into the next generation of real estate technology.

Follow Jesse Burrell’s path to REI success on Instagram or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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