From Student Loans to Success: A Look Inside the Life of Youtube Sensation and Sneakerhead MikeTheCompass of “A Sneaker Life”

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2020 / Michael “MikeTheCompass” Mitchell is a Youtube sneaker guy who has garnered nearly 700,000 subscribers on his Youtube accounts alone. He has taken his passion for sneakers to greater heights on social media through attention-grabbing content that boosts his online presence as a sneaker master.

MikeTheCompass is the founder of “A Sneaker Life,” one of the most influential sneaker-focused Youtube channels that have dominated the online sneaker community. But the story behind his success takes him back to several student loans he had taken out to finish his education, getting a bachelor’s degree in business administration and entrepreneurship, while pursuing his dreams.

Through his passion for sneakers, coupled with his social media content, he’s managing to make his way to financial independence as he is working to pay off his $100,000 stacking student loans using what he earns from his sneaker-selling business and sneaker-focused social media content. Indeed, financial struggles were real, but this did not hinder the young sneakerhead from achieving his dreams.

Mike’s content does not only focus on choosing which sneaker brands are the best. A part of his content also gives light on issues such as the financial struggles that he had to go through in life. Overall, his content exudes authenticity. In his videos, he also strongly advocates on making smart decisions in life and, most importantly, going beyond a materialistic mindset.

The rising Youtube sensation invests in producing different types of sneaker-focused content for Youtube, Instagram, and other social media platforms not because he is chasing checks but because he is pursuing his passion. He has mastered the art of choosing the best brands and styles for different people, and the best way to put his expertise into use is through social media, where he can help others make informed decisions before making a purchase.

Some of the most popular videos in his A Sneaker Life Youtube account include Mike’s unboxing of one of the most expensive Jordans, which garnered 2,200,000 views, followed by his video on how to become a sneakerhead, with 1,400,000 views. In that video, he shares with people how he built his empire from his passion. A video on his discussion on why Air Jordans are not selling out anymore and another video providing tips on how to protect sneakers have each amassed 1,000,000 views as well.

On Instagram, MikeTheCompass has grown into a sneaker and social media influencer with almost 80,000 followers. His “A Sneaker Life” business Instagram, which looks into the best online sneaker prices, has over 30,000 followers as well. Mike’s Twitter has also grown, with over 23,000 followers waiting for his sneaker updates.

Building Mike’s brand was inspired by his aspiration of working for himself and not for others. He was adamant in chasing after his dream despite the challenges that came along his way. Now, he is one of the most well-regarded sneakerheads. He plans to expand his business and passion even more and hopes to create a team that would help his brand effectively grow.

For Mike, anything is possible. Building a sneaker empire seemed to be distant and impossible back then, but he is on top of the pedestal now. With that in mind, he urges people not to give up on their dreams. With patience, consistency, and hardwork, there is no doubt that one can surely achieve their goals in life; it is only a matter of “when.”

To know more about MikeTheCompass and A Sneaker Life, feel free to check out his Instagram account.

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