The Top 5 Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs To Follow In 2020

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 10, 2020 / 2020 is here with more women turning to entrepreneurship than ever before, women are now making up to 40% of new entrepreneurs. From different fields but same entrepreneurial spirit and willing to keep making the world a better place, these are the top 5 most influential female entrepreneurs to follow in 2020:

– Amanda Schleininger


Amanda is a Top-Producing Realtor with over 400 Closings and $83 millions in VOLUME in her 7 years; earning her hundreds of production-related awards and certificates. She is also the CEO of Hustle & Heart – Real Estate Group and Impower Real Estate, Ogden. Amanda is originally from Utah County and resides in Weber County. Her love for the local community is what drove her to bring her “Spread The Love” Non-Profit organization to life. Amanda is well known on a national level in the Real Estate Industry because she is as humble as she is hard-working and her destiny in life is to change millions of people’s life’s for the better in one way or another. Hustle & Heart, sets this girl apart.

– Brittney Jones

Instagram Username: @BRITTNEYCEO

Brittney Jones is a small town girl turned entrepreneur who is taking social media by storm and inspiring others to build a life beyond their wildest dreams because she knows there’s room at the top for everyone. Brittney left her comfortable corporate job in the financial world to pursue her passion. Today, she’s a multi six-figure earner, and online leader to a community of over 150,000 female entrepreneurs. She runs a highly successful coaching business and social media agency, helping business owners create their success story from the online space.

– Maria Brown

Instagram Username: @IM_MARIA_BROWN_OFFICIAL

A serial entrepreneur, investor, and business consultant, Maria Brown is the definition of hard work and determination. CEO of Brown Consulting, Maria Brown has used her life’s biggest challenges and struggles as a force to inspire others to accomplish their dreams. An avid traveler and lover of life, Maria looks forward to continuing to run her multiple successful businesses and inspire others to do the same in 2020 and beyond.

– Tiffany Mai

Instagram Username: @TIFFANYMAII

Tiffany Mai is a serial entrepreneur, best selling author, and philanthropist. A Vietnamese American, Tiffani has been heavily involved in the insurance, and healthy foods industry. From her first clothing company, a successful insurance company, to her now newly published best seller, Sexy Foods: Exotic recipes for food, love and life, Tiffany can be seen traveling around the world sharing her message (and cooking) of hope, motivation, and hard work.

– Niki Zoumpouli

Instagram Username: @NIKIZOUB

Niki is a full time mother and entrepreneur, co-founder of Good Fitness and the Good Fitness App. She has been a fitness coach for the past 7 years. It is her mission to bring confidence and pride to women all around the world. Niki’s goal is to show women how to transform and change their lives. She quit her job and started her own company because she loves the opportunity to help people. With so much negativity and misinformation in the fitness industry, she finds it incredibly uplifting to work on solutions with a real positive impact in people’s lives. Building Good Fitness from 0 to what it has become today was invigorating for Niki, and having the opportunity to help so many women allowed her to be her fullest and most complete self.

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