New Travel Startup flyBARBARA Compensates for the CO2 Emissions by Planting Trees

Traveling is such an amazing way to experience all the wondrous views and sites that the world has to offer. Whether it be done with friends, or just by flying solo, traveling fills the mind with new stories, new friends, and new memories that will stay with you forever. flyBARBARA, a Czech startup built with an intention to fulfill travelers’ dreams, shows their commitment to protect the environment by announcing plans to plant trees to compensate for the CO2 produced by air traffic

PILSEN, CZECH REPUBLIC / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2020 / Traveling lets you meet new people whether it be on the plane, sitting next to someone who could potentially be your next new adventure. People have met from all over the world just from meeting in a new location. There’s nothing better than knowing that there are people out there just like you with a thirst for adventure and have the same aspirations as you do. Popular travel platform, flyBARBARA gives its customers an opportunity to be a part of their initiative to preserve the eco-system, by committing one-third of the profit to plant trees.

flyBARBARA is an all in one travel company that serves its clients by allowing them to book everything from the flight, hotel, and everything in between. Simply select the airport you want to fly out of, into and the date in which your dream vacation is planned for. From the roofs of Saint Petersburg to the lush green fields of Vietnam, people are able to experience their dream destinations thanks to flyBARBARA doing all the travel planning for them. The team behind the platform believes sharing travel photos is the best way to inspire others to create their own memorable travel experience. From leading their customers down the safest paths through remote or bustling areas, flyBARBARA aims to provide travelers with the resources to help them manage time and find the most fascinating areas to visit with every precious moment inside one’s dream destination.

“We started the project to simplify traveling for everyone by providing all the necessary information a traveler would want without the hassle of going through so many platforms. But we wanted to do more, that’s why we are committing one-third of our profit to plant trees to compensate with the CO2 emission from the air traffic.” explains CEO Josef Pavelec.

The fact that flyBARBARA wants to renounce one-third of their profit to help the eco-system sustain its balance makes them a fine example to other similar platforms and transforms them into a truly unique startup. Their goal is to help reduce the carbon footprint while letting others create their own footprints across the world. The travel startup country donates a portion of its profits in order to combat the effects of excessive carbon emissions in the air from airplanes. flyBARBARA’s decision to plant new trees will release more oxygen, eating up the offsetting amount of carbon dioxide being released into the air. Not only are they working towards filling in the forests devoid of plant life, but they are completely transparent in all of their efforts to make the world green again.

The company wants to keep everything transparent and all the records from donations, trees planted, and the number of tickets sold can be seen on a monthly basis on their website. Planes can release toxins that harm the environment, but flyBARBARA makes it their mission to make travel as safe and as frequent as possible for the next round of future explorers. More details about the platform can be found at

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