Major Slovak Healthcare Blockchain Firm Hilbi Secures €5 Million in Investments, Adds Senior Professional as Angel Investor

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 25, 2020 / Slovakia-based healthcare startup Hilbi will be receiving substantial investments from a prominent healthcare visionary. A top executive from a leading international pharmaceutical giant is joining the Hilbi team. Daren Wilson will be taking part in the company’s latest investment round, valued at €5 million (approx. $5.5 million).

Hilbi is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced, decentralized communication platform that can facilitate instant payments. The Hilbi platform has been designed to protect patients during their healing process.

Daren Wilson, a senior executive of a global pharmaceutical company, will be holding 12% ( €600,000 ), of the total sum of €5 million into Hilbi’s business operations.

One powerful, convenient app to support the entire healthcare system

Responding to a question about Hilbi’s unique value proposition, Wilson remarked: “There are thousands of digital health apps across multiple diseases. Now, imagine if there was just one app to support the entire ecosystem around the patient. Hilbi has this potential. Their business model is different as they add more value and trust towards physician-patient relationships so that the patient can benefit from the highest quality of care from their health professionals.”

When asked what appealed to him, at first, about the Hilbi project, Wilson said: “When you are looking at interesting investment opportunities, the passion and commitment of the founders are important. I saw this in Patrik Kmeč, who has a noble vision for the future of personalised patient care.”

Hilbi offers a unique ecosystem, in which a patient truly owns his or her healthcare data. The platform securely gathers all data using decentralized technology and then shares it with the relevant professionals. The patient’s health profile, called LifeID, is a useful tool for making an accurate diagnosis, offering treatment, and providing appropriate prevention advice. Artificial intelligence algorithms will be used to help protect patients not only during their healing process but also during prevention and in case of an accident.

Roman Kučera, CEO at 01People and co-founder of Hilbi’s core technology, explained how the platform shares important patient health information: “There’s an exchange of structural information with added value to it. We are trying to save doctors a lot of time to identify the problem with an automatic substitution for now, and later with artificial intelligence. We are aiming globally, and therefore people can use it anywhere in the world with an internet connection.”

Daren Wilson, a senior executive at a major pharmaceutical company, has extensive experience in the medical field. He’s helped many different startups from all over the world and now he’s joining the Hilbi team as a private investor.

When asked why he invested in Hilbi, Wilson noted: “Hilbi is a Slovak digital healthcare company with a high potential to scale, globally. I decided to invest in Hilbi because they align to my personal values and their bold vision is to support the personal healthcare needs of every person in society.”

A platform as large and accessible as Facebook, WhatsApp or Uber

He believes that Hilbi has great potential to provide personal healthcare services to patients across the globe in the area of instant payments.

Patrik Kmeč, co-founder of Hilbi, stated: “Daren is a well-experienced person in the area of global solutions for digitizing healthcare. As a smart investor, his experience will help the Hilbi team in further refining their industry leading products. In Slovakia, we are developing a platform that can serve a large number of users like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Uber. Our platform will be purpose-built for doctor’s and patient’s specific healthcare needs. You need an internationally experienced team for this kind of project.”

Kmeč added: “I’m extremely happy that our first investor is such a knowledgeable professional. It brings great opportunities for other investors, as Hilbi’s software is deployed and monetized on the world’s largest markets including the US and third-world countries.”

Most of Hilbi’s returns will be distributed to doctors and healthcare providers

One of Hilbi’s main value propositions is its unique compensation system, which automatically and transparently divides platform earnings based on the work performed by each healthcare provider. Hilbi platform users can easily make payments using debit cards or their bank accounts. Currently, when a patient pays for services, the healthcare provider is able to receive the payment straight into their account.

Dr. Ladislav Pásztor and Roman Neczli, executives of the Hilbi company closed the first round of investments for the company and introduced Hilbi on the market as a state-of-the-art healthcare product.

Dr. Pásztor solves points out that Hilbi is an excellent product for diabetic patients. The software can also help patients during an oncological treatment, and those who may be receiving orthopedic care.

The Hilbi team is planning to release its first AI-enhanced algorithm this year, which will be used to detect the initial symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

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