Google Maps Marketing Specialist Regarded as One of the Best Advertising Choices in Kansas City & Los Angeles

KANSAS CITY, MO / ACCESSWIRE / February 24, 2020 / G Map Pros, a company that specializes in Google Maps Marketing and local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is thought by many to be one of the top choices for advertising in the Los Angeles and Kansas City markets. Proof of that is they were just one of 24 companies named the recipient from as ‘Best Advertising Agencies 2020’ in both of these cities. Awards like these are made possible because G Map Pros helps its clients maximize their Google advertising strategies and at the same time provides their clients with exceptional customer service. Their Google Maps business marketing services are widely used by local businesses, businesses with multiple locations, social media marketers, and company marketing directors.

Company spokesperson, Kyle Fuchs, had this to say as to why they are becoming a popular Kansas City and Los Angeles advertising choice, “When we started with this business, we knew that to be successful we had to create something unique. Many of us had vast experience working with Google Maps business accounts so that was a logical starting point. We also recognized we had to go well beyond just that too. That’s when we decided to also focus on giving our clients the absolute best customer service experience they will ever get from a company. It’s an approach that has achieved better results than we ever expected and we are not about to change it anytime soon.”

Fuchs says that one big advantage their clients have is the access that G Map Pros provides them to outstanding Google My Business Tools. These tools will help any type of business enhance its success with their Google My Business (GMB), or Google Maps Profile, accounts. They will help businesses do such things as automate their GMB posts, save time responding to reviews with their “review assistant,” and give them data and analytics in a way to help them understand if their page is increasing real traffic to their business. If you aren’t sure about what to do with your GMB page, it even gives you tips on what needs to be done to give you a better chance of showing in the Google Maps section when potential clients are doing searches for services you provide. He says Google Maps optimization and advertising works because each day billions and billions of searches are done on Google for specific product and services as well as specific businesses due to branding and referrals. Google My Business Tools also help businesses track their account performance through analytics. This will let a Google My Business account owner see how many views their site had over a specific time period, how many searches were done that listed them, and specific site activity. These tools also measure clicks, calls, bookings, and other website actionables.

According to Fuchs, G Map Pros will help their clients get the most out of this service in other ways too. They will show them how to use their GMB automation software to create Google-based Free advertising services that are proven to attract customers. He says they are eager to help any area business with their initial setup in an effort to make Google marketing & advertising services work better for them. G Map Pros also offers different tiers of service based on how many store locations you have as well as how much you or your team wants to do vs the G Map Pros team doing it for you. Additionally, if you just want them to set-up the software for your GMB page initially, there is an initial set-up fee. Fuchs says their current subscription levels with preset pricing include their Basic Forever Free, GMB Ultimate, GMB Ultimate Plus plans. They also have custom bulk pricing for Enterprise accounts with over 100 locations. It’s a plan that is tailored to meet an individual business’s needs and priced according to what specific service that G Map Pros provides to them. The company says that their large variety of GMB plans allow their clients to choose how hands-on or hands-off they want to be when it comes to using GMB automation software. If you are wanting additional SEO services, they customize plans to meet those goals as well, as they provide map citations, reputation management to increase your review rankings, press releases, content marketing and link building, and much more. All of it will tie together with a company’s GMB page to increase its visibility, and traffic to local store(s).

Fuchs says that their clientele list continues to grow because after they start working with a client, a majority of the time that client will then start to notice more customers calling and coming to their business. Much of that is due to them helping their clients show up more under organic Google Maps listings and under specific Google Maps business searches too. He says that with G Map Pros help, their clients will also get a much better understanding of how customers came to find them and they will also show these clients new ways to expand their internet presence even more.

Fuchs says that anyone who wants to know more about their Google Maps Marketing services should feel free to call them, send them an email or fill out the contact form on the ‘contact us’ page of their website.


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