ERB, Strengthen Cooperation with McKINLEY, to Jointly Expand Global Market

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / February 24, 2020 / Chairman of ERB Eom Meen: “Building a Trust and a Win-Win Investment Platform”, the ERB project introduced 1 billion US Dollars from McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA of the United States, fully announced to expand the global market, and decided to start from Singapore.

In 2019, ERB signed a $ 5 billion PDG financial guarantee agreement with the famous American venture capital company McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA. Based on this, established the world’s first liquidity supply platform based on PDG projects (project breach protection; Project Default GuaranteeCompanies under a crisis of liquidity are scared to find investment channels, and investors who want to find financial solutions are troubled because they cannot find a safe investment location. Although many platforms have connected the two parties, there is still a risk of “Default”. Because investor does not have information on where to invest, there is a high level of insecurity that may arise from the possibility of losing funds at any time. If the investor’s project ends in failure, and the company closures, ERB will execute the PDG project, and will return the entire investment principal to the investor.

This means the market reforms have begun. The investors are finally able to invest in “low-risk high-yield” investment points. With the spread of the new coronavirus, and today the global economy being severely hit, ERB will become the savior of many small and medium-sized enterprises facing a liquidity crisis.

Chairman of ERB Eom Meen said: “Perform PDG procedure is not a loss to the exchange. Our expenditure is to ensure more investors. Some investors may have doubts about the safety of funds. However, as long as the PDG procedure provides investors with a profitable return, then these doubts will be directly transformed into trust, that is, trust in the ERB ecology. I know the power of trust, and projects that are trusted by investors are bound to succeed. When small investors will drive most investors, when government agencies and large investment institutions start to look for secure investment places, our ERB will be the biggest winner. With the increase in the amount of accepted investment, we will also strengthen our efforts to gradually form a very safe investment ecological environment. “


Company: ERB LIGA
Contact: Evita Yoon
Phone: 82010 8765 0635


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