Elinchrom Releases the ELC Monolights with Modern Features

Elinchrom Releases the ELC Monolights with Modern Features; Learn More at B&H Photo Video; Elinchrom has just released a series of ELC Monolights that are designed to be reliable and feature-rich fixtures for studio photographers. This series features Auto-On, active cooling, and built-in wireless capabilities.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 25, 2020 / B&H Photo would like to share the announcement of the ELC Monolight series from Elinchrom. Made in 125Ws and 500Ws variants, these lights also feature TTL support, High-Speed Sync, Smart Pro-Active Cooling, and built-in Skyport wireless receivers.

Among the distinct features of these lights is an Auto-On function that ensures the fixture is ready to go almost instantly. It holds in a standby mode that will preserve your most recent settings and can work with TTL for getting your entire system working together quickly. There is also a Manual Lock function that will maintain exposure settings even if you switch from TTL to Manual. Precise control over power is possible, with both versions being able to step down to 7Ws in 1/10 stop increments.

Reliability is a major concern, and Elinchrom has taken care with the ELC line. Smart Pro-Active Cooling helps here, using a low-noise speed-controlled fan and a well-designed airflow system to keep the lights cool even under more demanding workloads. The new Quick-Lock attachment system is sturdy and makes it easy to use modifiers, while a daylight-balanced LED modeling light provides a low-power preview of your shot. Additionally, Elinchrom has outfitted this series with its Skyport receivers, which enable TTL and manual control from up to 656′ away, and there are remotes available for numerous camera systems.

There will be kits for the lights available, including Dual Studio Kits featuring either two 125WS, two 500Ws lights or one of each.

Speaking of optional accessories, Elinchrom has new kits to help you get started. This includes the new Snaplux softbox line that is as easy to set up as an umbrella. The Umbrella To Go Kit includes a 41″ Shallow Silver Umbrella and a 41″ Shallow White/Translucent Umbrella. The Umbrella Portrait Kit is similar but includes a 41″ Deep Silver Umbrella and 41″ Deep Translucent Umbrella for a bit more directional control. The Softbox To Go Kit features two Snaplux Rectaboxes (21.6 x 29.5″). If you are looking for variety, the Softbox Portrait Kit includes a 13.7 x 29.5″ Stripbox and a 23.6″ Octabox. Don’t forget, you will need a Speedring for your lights if you pick up a Snaplux kit.

This is a great monolight and I would recommend it easily to photographers looking for their first serious light. It has all the features you need and a few that make the experience a whole lot better.

Read all about the Elinchrom ELC Monolights at B&H Explora https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/photography/news/elinchrom-launches-elc-monolight-series-with-modern-features

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