Best Car Insurance 2020 Guide: What Is New Car Replacement Insurance?

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As the name suggests, this policy is addressed to owners of new cars. This policy is applied for a limited number of years, while the car is considered very valuable. Before buying this policy, drivers remember the following facts:

  • New car replacement is not a standard coverage option. It is offered by some insurers in order to supplement the already existing coverage. The policyholder will be reimbursed with the full value of a new car of the same model, minus the deductible value.
  • Custom equipment is not covered. If the car was fitted with equipment or aftermarket parts, they will not be covered by this policy. Aftermarket parts and custom equipment are covered by different policies and only if the policyholder has declared them before the accident.
  • There are strict prerequisites for buying this coverage. The car owner will have to buy collision and comprehensive coverage, before being grated new-car replacement coverage. Each company may impose additional terms and exclusions.
  • Only new models are eligible. Insurance companies provide this policy only to vehicles that are 2 years old or newer. Furthermore, some companies impose maximum mileage. For example, companies will not insure a vehicle that has more than 24.000 miles on board, even if he is 2 years or newer.
  • There are multiple versions for this coverage. Some insurers offer something called “better car replacement”, which will provide a newer car model for the policyholder. Other companies will transform the policy into GAP insurance when the vehicle becomes 2 years older.

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