RAVE Social Platform Provides Live, Device-to-Device Training First Time with Amazon Bestselling Author & Creativity Coach Tim Brown

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2019 / For the first time, business executives can access Amazon bestselling author and creativity coach Tim Brown via a one-on-one, live training session through the new interactive platform, RAVE (Real Artists Video Engagement). Visit here for an individual session.

The RAVE platform allows users to book individual training sessions for real-time, device-to-device video conversations with experts.

“We established RAVE-VIP so fans could have a virtual meet-and-greet with celebrities, much like they do at concerts and theatrical performances,” said John Foote, CEO and founder of RAVE. “It’s rewarding to see the platform expand into the area of productivity coaching for business executives because it allows anyone to have real-time training for a fraction of the cost. It shows the popularity of RAVE even in its early stages. We project this will continue to grow.”

Subject matter experts and artists that qualify for a RAVE profile set their own calendar and available session times.

“With 36 years of leading clients, Tim has lowered his RAVE session fees, which are significantly less than his day-rate for the same content,” said Foote. “Each artist selects their own availability and fees to become more accessible to those who value a conversation or professional training with them.”

Users visit the family-friendly www.ravevip.com site, select the talent they want to book a conversation with and secure the time.

“This is a genius approach to applying technology to get in touch with those who want to conveniently connect, individually ask questions, improve their skills and instantly advance their career path,” said Brown, veteran creativity, public relations and motivational coach whose bestselling books are available here. “I’ve trained thousands of executives on creativity, communications, damage control and improvement strategies.

“The most popular questions I am asked are how can I take my business to the next level, launch a product or service, increase awareness, improve my status at work, ace the job interview, get a raise and become a successful team leader.

“Having trained clients for more than three decades, I have scores of examples of what to do and not to do. RAVE allows me to easily share that across the world-anywhere someone can access the Internet.”

Along with Brown, RAVE allows fans and consumers to connect with musicians, actors, authors and more. For more information, visit www.ravevip.com.

About Us

Real Artist Video Engagement

RAVE stands for Real Artist Video Engagement.

RAVE VIP is designed to connect fans with their favorite artists/talents by providing each artist’s available schedules where artist and fans can come together for a high def VIP experience

With traditional meet and greets, oft times, you are shuffled into a room with dozens, and sometimes hundreds of other fans vying for the artist attention to possibly get a few seconds to declare your love for them and their music.

In just a few simple steps, RAVE VIP allows you to search and book a live RAVE VIP experience with your favorite artist through RAVE’s booking and calendaring software. RAVE VIP assures you are given a specific date and time for a VIP one-on-one conversation via live video. No more lines, no more hoping to ask the questions you have always wanted to ask.

With RAVE VIP, you receive a personal true VIP experience. Questions you’ve always wanted to ask can finally be asked *(e.g. why did you write that song, when did you first know you were going to pursue music as a profession, do you write the music, or lyrics first, what is your inspiration for writing, etc…) and instead of getting a few seconds with the artist in a cattle call like setting, you are guaranteed a block of time that is all yours!

With RAVE VIP, you experience a true one-on-one experience where you are the only fan they are engaging with. You have 100% of their attention and get to know them as not only an artist, but as a real person.

Just imagine…

  • A one-on-one with your favorite artist
  • Guaranteed time slots
  • A VIP Experience with no lines
  • A once in a lifetime memory


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