Combatting traditional misconceptions of tattoos, PAHI looks to open Onsens up to those with Tattoos

Image normally seen at Onsens

by creating an easy to use waterproof spray that hides tattoos with ease

TOKYO, Aug 1, 2019 – (ACN Newswire) – With a variety of sport events happening within the next year, Japan is expecting a massive increase of foreigners from the west. Among these foreigners will be a large amount of people that have tattoos, with about 40% of people in Europe and America having them. As Japan has an aversion to those that have tattoos and certain establishments are closed to those that sport them, a company called PAHI has challenged this culture and is trying to change things.

One way that PAHI are trying to combat this is by creating a spray that can hide the tattoos and is highly waterproof. This also allows for those that wish to enter most Onsens to do so without worrying about being told that they can’t. This spray is also extremely easy to use and compared to going to a beauty salon or something like it is much cheaper. Also compared to stickers that cover tattoos, it’s less obvious and doesn’t come off as easily.

PAHI are looking to crowdfunding to raise money to help with further development as well as money for PR to help get the message about this incredible spray out there. As well as this it will be used to create the spray on a larger scale.

The project can be found at:

Project Information
– Time Period: August 1st 2019 – August 29th 2019
– Project Target: 1,000,000 Yen
– Returns: The spray will be a main return (Can’t be exported overseas)

About PAHI
PAHI is a company that looks at developing new products that intends to help with problems that foreigners face in Japan. Their CEO, Akio Nagayama, is a New Zealand-born Japanese person that can understand both Japanese and foreign culture. Official Website:

JAPANKURU FUNDING is a Japanese based crowdfunding site, that allows for the project page to be curated in 3 different languages, English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese. This allows for funding to be collected from all over the world. Homepage:

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