PRI Meets Security Regulations and Data Retention Mandates with ExaGrid-Veeam Solution

Solution Maximizes Storage and Increases Backup Speed While
Securing Data with Encryption-at-Rest

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#ExaGridlt;/agt;–ExaGrid®,
a leading provider of intelligent hyperconverged storage for backup,
today announced that Physicians’
Reciprocal Insurers (PRI)
uses ExaGrid disk-based
backup systems
to significantly increase data protection with secure

PRI is a leading provider of professional liability insurance for
physicians and medical facilities. As the second largest medical
malpractice insurer in New York State and one of the top ten in the
U.S., PRI is recognized as one of the most respected names in its field.

PRI replaced its previous system with ExaGrid and Veeam after its IT
staff spent too much time troubleshooting backup issues. Al Villani,
PRI’s senior system administrator said, “Veritas NetBackup wasn’t set up
to send us any kind of alerts if there was an issue, so we had to log in
and look through it, which was a lot of manual work. Our calls to
Symantec support were sent offshore right away, and by the time they got
back to us, we had usually found the solution by searching online.
Veritas eventually reacquired NetBackup, but the support never improved.”

ExaGrid solved backup issues PRI had struggled with, including:

  • Storage capacity issues
  • Backups that exceeded window, slowing company-wide systems during
  • Time-consuming backup management
  • Complicated offsite storage

The security of data storage in the insurance industry has been moving
toward stricter regulation, so PRI looked for a solution that would help
keep the company ahead of the curve. “The insurance claims we process
contain sensitive information, such as birth dates and Social Security
numbers—even the tape we used was encrypted, the cases we stored them in
were locked, and Iron Mountain had to sign for them—the state
regulations are pretty thorough when it comes to security. Many
solutions don’t offer encryption or the ability to encrypt at rest like
ExaGrid does,” said Villani.

A major issue that PRI faced was that its backups took days and slowed
the entire system down, impacting workflow. “Our weekly full backup used
to run from Saturday morning at 2:00 a.m. all the way into Tuesday
afternoon. Every Monday, users would be calling in and asking why the
system was so slow. Now, our weekly full takes just three hours! We
thought something was broken the first time we used ExaGrid, so we
called our support engineer who confirmed that everything ran correctly.
It’s totally incredible! Working with our [ExaGrid] support engineer has
been a saving grace. Managing backups had been a nightmare at times, but
switching to ExaGrid has been a dream come true. We’re saving about
25-30 hours a week on managing backups. The ExaGrid system doesn’t need
a lot of babysitting, and our support engineer is available whenever we
need help with any issue.”

As an insurance company, PRI has a complex retention policy for its
data. “We keep five weeks of daily backups, eight weeks of weekly
backups, a year’s worth of monthly backups onsite, and one yearly onsite
with seven yearlies offsite, as well as offsite storage for infinite
fiscals and monthly backups,” said Villani. “We were skeptical at first
that an ExaGrid system could handle that amount of storage, but the
engineers sized everything really well and ExaGrid guaranteed the sizing
would work for two years, and that if we needed to add another
appliance, they would supply it. Seeing that in writing was pretty

Read the complete PRI
customer success story
to learn more about the company’s experience
using ExaGrid.

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