Host Analytics Can Deliver Nearly 400% ROI, $1.2 Million in Benefits Over Three Years According to Independent Research

The leading EPM suite enables customers to increase productivity,
efficiency, and business opportunities through better scenario planning,
faster closings, and greater employee satisfaction.

, the leading provider of cloud-based enterprise
performance management (EPM) solutions, today announced the release of The
Total Economic Impact™ Of Host Analytics
, a commissioned study
conducted by Forrester Consulting, a leading independent research firm.
The independent research firm revealed that companies using Host
Analytics solutions can realize $1.2 million in benefits over three
years and a total ROI of 393%.

The research shows that the companies interviewed recognized significant
value from using Host Analytics. With Host, companies could now
undertake initiatives that typically would require the equivalent of
five additional FP&A professionals. This increased productivity and
capability for financial planning and analysis staff equates to $731k in
savings over a three-year period and a Net Present Value of $984,577.
Beyond just the impact to finance teams, the outcome of the independent
research showed a significant impact to the overall business with
increased operating income due to better decision-making.

“I think the biggest change is just that it changes our focus from
looking in the rearview mirror to looking forward, out the windshield,”
said a Senior Director of FP&A, in the social media industry who was
interviewed for the study.

“We’ve always known that Host Analytics provides huge value to our
customers, and now this independent Forrester analysis puts a number on
that value: $1.2 million,” said Ron Baden, interim Chief Executive
Officer at Host Analytics. “Financial professionals tell us that they
want to modernize how they do their jobs and collaborate more with their
business colleagues, and that’s exactly what we deliver.”

Forrester used their proven Total Economic Impact™ methodology to create
this unbiased look at the real benefits our customers receive.
Organizations looking to modernize their financial planning,
forecasting, and close processes can now use this impartial analysis to
justify their investment in Host Analytics.

To create this independent study, Forrester Consulting applied its Total
Economic Impact™ (TEI) methodology by interviewing current and active
Host Analytics customers to identify the cost, benefit, flexibility, and
risk factors that affect their investment decision. The customers come
from diverse industries, including apparel, enterprise data, social
media, and manufacturing.

While interviewing Host Analytics customers, Forrester also uncovered
the non quantifiable benefits:

  • Better scenario planning. Host Analytics provides better
    integration of different data sources, better categorization of spend,
    and a unique “Initiatives” feature, all of which contribute to easier
    adjustment of the variables for scenario planning.
  • Closing the books faster. Host Analytics enables organizations
    to close their accounts faster at the end of fiscal periods, freeing
    staff to focus on planning and analysis, process improvements, and
    other higher value-add activities.
  • Employee retention. Host Analytics eliminates the inefficiency
    and frustration in finance processes, leading to greater job

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Host Analytics Enterprise Performance
study is available to download here.
The extensive study contains details of each organization interviewed,
their key challenges prior to deploying Host Analytics, and their
resulting benefits. The study also provides a detailed analysis of the
benefits of Host Analytics, as well as an analysis of the costs and the
calculation of the quantitative benefits and return on investment.

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About Host Analytics

Host Analytics is the leading specialist provider of cloud-based
connected financial planning and close solutions. Built with financial
expertise and a dedication to customer success, Host Analytics meets the
needs of finance and accounting teams and helps them to evolve as
business conditions change. More than 800 customers including Bose,
Boston Red Sox, Evernote,, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Pinterest,
and Zillow rely on Host Analytics for planning, budgeting, modeling,
consolidations and reporting. Host Analytics is a private company backed
by Vector Capital, a leading global private equity firm specializing in
transformational investments in established technology businesses.


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Neil Torres
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